Early Prediction: Even The Smallest Social Media Marketing Agency Would Need To Employ A Dedicated In-House ‘Memer’ By 2025

Memes are the marketing equivalent of NFTs - some have nailed it, some are still figuring it out, some are just opening up to it; but everyone wants to try it.

Memes are omnipresent; they are literally everywhere! Open any social media app and you’ll see a flood of memes in your feed and even DMs. Sharing memes is the new form of socializing. And that reflects in what social media marketing looks like today.

Let us run you through some numbers.

All of these stats are from the pre-Covid era. The meme culture has only grown since then. So it wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume that these numbers would be even more amplified today. Here’s another statistic to justify that - Meme impressions increased from 19.8M in August 2019 to 24.9M in July 2020, a sharp 26% peak.

Memes - The NFTs of Modern Marketing

We started the article with an analogy between memes and NFTs. Here is another one - Just like it is with NFTs, merely going with the flow doesn’t guarantee you success in the meme stratosphere; you need expertise and experience to master a highly dynamic phenomenon. And that is why we believe that every social media marketing agency needs to employ a dedicated ‘memer’ on payroll.

While the big players already identified this need as early as 2016 and started hiring full-time memers, the smaller ones are still relying on existing content creation teams to create fun and original memes every day. But most, if not all of them, fail to do that. A professional memer would solve this problem. Here’s how.

Why Do Agencies Need To Hire A Full-time Memer?

A great meme is characterized by 3 things -

  • Relevance
  • Humorous twist
  • Relatability

Professional memers stay on top of current national and international trends across every category of information - it’s a critical part of their job which helps them gain the first mover advantage. Having been there, done that countless times gives them the ability to make any and every meme relatable. And lastly, they have an inherent gift of the gab. In short, they crack all 3 parameters of a great meme!

The need for hiring a full-time memer also stems from the clients’ demands. In November 2021, our social listening team ran a small survey among 72 marketing heads of startups and legacy enterprises in India. Here are some of the key findings:

  • 68% of marketing managers said they need a more aggressive meme marketing strategy.
  • 46% felt their marketing agency wasn’t giving them a leg up over their rivals vis-a-vis meme marketing and were deliberating a switch to a new agency.
  • 83% said they take meme marketing more seriously now than 24 months ago

Modern brands know that they need to stay a step ahead of their competitors, who too are vying to make and market shareable memes. A lackadaisical performance in this aspect would create dwindling returns for the clients and make them look at other options. Client retention is already a struggle for small agencies, and this hyper-focus on meme may just exacerbate it.

Final thoughts

India has the highest youth percentage (34.33%) in the world. And the currency of memes is only getting stronger in our country. Clients are clamoring for it, the audience is asking for it. Social media marketing agencies are in a rat race to create and promote the ‘dopest’ memes. And while this race may cause the downfall of those who fail to keep up, it would elevate those who do to a new level of success. And hiring a full-time memer on payroll may just be the difference between the 2 eventualities.

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