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Collaborate with our email marketing company in Mumbai to launch ROI-driven email marketing campaigns that expand your reach, increase retention rates, and capture and convert 400% more new hot leads.


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Custom template

Our email marketing agency in Mumbai specializes in creating custom email template designs that provide the best user experience. We build responsive templates with clean code that adapt to all screen sizes. Turbocharge your email marketing campaign with our ergonomic, eye-catchy designs that grab attention and convert leads effortlessly.

Email list building/ Segmentation

Quality email list is the key to maximize your email marketing ROI. Our email marketing company in Mumbai will help you segment your customers into different lists based on their preferences and behavior to deliver hyper-personalized content that each segment of your audience can relate to.

Email automation

Keep your audience engaged every step of the way with automated emails. From welcome emails to properly timed drip campaigns, our email marketing services in Mumbai will save you time and resources and even win back churned and lapsed customers. Partner with us to add a human touch to your automated emails.

Email blast service

Get out of the spam folder with our email marketing best practices. Our email blast service will help segment recipients according to their age, gender and other key factors to personalize and optimize your emails. Leverage our cutting-edge software to run non-invasive email campaigns effortlessly.

Lead generation

Run lead generation campaigns and nurture quality leads with our ROI- driven email marketing strategy. Our email marketing services in Mumbai help you create a loyal customer base with a constant supply of high intent leads. Make your campaigns more efficient with bespoke marketing emails designed to capture consumer intent.

Ecommerce email marketing services

Our ecommerce email services are specially customized to drive sales and surge your profits with personalization and storytelling. We gather insights on cart abandonment, analyze your customers’ past purchases and curate actionable strategies to nurture and convert qualified leads.

Email newsletters

Our email marketing agency in Mumbai will tailor newsletters to fit your marketing goals. Send updates on your product launch or disseminate valuable information and demonstrate authority and expertise with aesthetically designed, hyper-targeted emails that reduce the unsubscribe rate.

Email marketing automation software

Our proprietary email marketing automation software gives you advanced insights that improve customer segmentation efficiency, optimize content-based targeting, and measure campaign performance. Save time, effort, and money and track every email interaction in real time at every stage of the buyer journey.

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Why invest in email marketing?


Email marketing offers
the highest ROI

Email marketing delivers a higher ROI than any other digital marketing tactic - up to a whopping 4400%! The costs associated with email marketing are comparatively low and businesses with budget constraints can confidently rely on it to hit their revenue targets


Drive traffic and
generate hot leads

Email marketing generates a steady stream of quality traffic and easily convertible leads. Grab the attention of your prospects with high impact emails that motivate them to learn more about your business, explore your products and services, and ultimately become your customers.


Create top-of-mind
brand awareness

More than 600 million people in India and 4 billion people across the globe use emails. 60% of working professionals in India check their emails every day. Send timely, personalized emails to get in front of your target demographic, expand your reach, and boost brand awareness


Build stronger customer relations

Forge a meaningful connection with customers by tailoring emails to their unique needs and preferences. Address their pain points and establish a deeper emotional connection with value- rich email campaigns that foster long-term customer relationships


Boost customer retention

Reach your customers with rightly timed campaigns that motivate positive actions. Share relevant information, stay connected and turn passive, semi-active and occasional buyers into loyalists with hyper-personalized emails that reach them right when they need you.


Email marketing is
measurable & trackable

Email campaigns facilitate regular tracking and monitoring to gauge key performance indicators such as click rates and open rates. With easily available accurate data on what works and what doesn’t, you can optimize your campaign on the go to achieve desired outcomes.

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Emails are commercial messages that land straight in people’s inbox. Email marketing is the use of emails to communicate with intended target audiences. It is a powerful tool that can attract an ROI as high as 4400%. It is a direct marketing channel that facilitates segmenting and targeting of audiences by demographics. Besides Mumbai, our agency provides email marketing in Thane and Navi Mumbai for businesses to leverage and optimize their email communications.

Email newsletters are used to update your targeted audience about new products or any news concerning your company. Email newsletters can cover a wide range of topics and help keep your subscribers connected, engaged and informed. Though newsletters can carry information about your company, it is recommended that you craft content such that it adds value and impacts the audience positively. Hire our best email marketing services in Mumbai for email newsletters that build a loyal community around your brand.

Contrary to popular opinion, Email marketing is still a worthwhile tactic for businesses to boost engagement and drive loyalty. Here are a few reasons why email marketing is implemented by businesses of all sizes:

  • Easy to reach customers on the go
  • Keeps customers well-informed
  • Drives foot traffic as well as online sales
  • Easily integrates with other marketing tactics
  • It boosts brand awareness

Get in touch with our email marketing company in Mumbai to achieve favorable campaign results.

Around 293.6 billion emails are sent and received each day. If you want your target audience to open and take action on your emails, make sure you create one that is compelling enough. A good marketing email has the following attributes:

  • Clever and engaging subject lines
  • Crisp and concise body copy
  • Renders well in all devices
  • Reaches the audience at the right time
  • Includes an ‘unsubscribe’ button.

Partner with our email marketing agency in Mumbai to plan, test and deploy successful campaigns that boost your revenue.

Small businesses that are on a shoe-string budget can leverage email marketing in Thane, Navi Mumbai, and Mumbai to their advantage. The following points highlight the importance of email marketing for small businesses :

  • It attracts new customers with targeted messages
  • Creates top of the mind awareness
  • Cost effective but generates good ROI
  • Gets immediate results
  • It is easy to measure and compare

Need professional assistance with your email marketing? Our email marketing company in Mumbai can help achieve goals without exceeding your budget.

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