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5 Signs It's Time To Revamp Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Do you think your digital marketing strategies aren’t reaping results any more? If yes, it’s time for a revamp. The digital marketing landscape is evolving continuously and it’s important for brands to adjust, refine and optimize their strategies from time to time. Most businesses adopt a ‘set and forget’ approach and fail to review their progress in comparison to competitors or revisit their strategies. By the time they realize their strategies are underperforming, they have already lost their prospects to competition.

It’s often difficult for businesses to determine whether the existing strategy is generating the best possible results. You may not see a visible impact on your revenue, the signs may not be too obvious but the small holes in your digital marketing strategy will eventually lead to your downfall. As a digital marketing agency, we have spent countless hours assessing and reassessing strategies so our clients are always on top of their game. We have listed below 5 signs that indicate your strategies are no longer working and it’s time for an overhaul. Let’s explore them in more detail.

1. You have high traffic but low conversions

While high traffic is definitely good news, low conversions despite high traffic is something to be concerned about. This high traffic-low conversion scenario could be due to two reasons. Either there is something wrong with your landing pages or you are attracting a huge percentage of irrelevant traffic. Analyze the shortcomings in your website and track visitor behavior to understand at what point visitors are leaving your site. Check if your web pages are loading properly and the CTAs are clear and compelling enough to prompt a positive action. If irrelevant traffic is the issue, then you may have to revisit your keyword strategy and filter only the most relevant keywords for your niche.

2. Your organic rankings have dropped

Websites that once ranked on the top could easily lose authority and move to the bottom. SEO is not a one-time event; it requires ongoing efforts. If you observe a steep decline in rankings, that’s another sign indicating the need for a more refined strategy. SEO is the single most important component of your digital marketing strategy as a majority of purchase decisions start with a Google search. The dip in rankings could be due to a variety of reasons. Losing backlinks, algorithm updates, competitor activities can all have an influence on your rankings. Identify the root cause of low rankings and take the necessary corrective action. It is recommended that you hire a reputable SEO agency to get the job done as regaining top positions would require technical expertise and the process is time-consuming as well.

3. Social media campaigns are not yielding results

Social media campaigns falling flat is another indicator that your digital marketing efforts are headed in the wrong direction. Decreasing social media mentions, low engagement on posts and poor reach can hurt your revenue in the long run. To overcome this, start by making small adjustments to your social media campaigns rather than going for a complete overhaul. Go back to your old posts and understand what worked in the past. Make sure you are on top of current trends and add a personal touch to your posts. Gaining organic engagement on social media has become quite a challenge these days. Having a huge number of followers with not enough engagement isn’t good either. If you notice that your follower count is increasing with no visible impact on engagement levels, you better do a thorough assessment of your strategies before your brand loses momentum.

4. There’s a decline in email subscribers

Email signups are a sure shot sign that people are interested in your offerings and marketing messages. If you are steadily losing email subscribers, it means your emails are not appealing to your target audience. Ineffective segmentation could be one of the reasons why your subscriber count has dropped. Clean your mailing list regularly and make sure your emails are responsive. Sending too many emails also results in high unsubscribe rates. Check the frequency of your emails as you don’t want to annoy your subscribers and spam their inbox. Emails are an effective tool to generate leads and high unsubscribe rates would translate to lower leads in the long run.

5. Your paid ads aren’t performing well

Paid ads have been the go-to digital marketing technique for brands to boost brand awareness. If your paid ads aren’t driving conversions, you are throwing money down the drain. Chances are that you are using the same old tactics without tweaking your strategy in response to the current trends and customer demands. Ad copy, landing page and keyword bid management are critical elements of a PPC campaign. Plus, your ads must be laser focused on your ideal target audience. High CPC (cost per click) with abysmal returns is a sign that something isn’t right with your PPC campaigns. As new competitors emerge and keyword values shift, ongoing optimization is the key to PPC success.

Winding up

If you have been dealing with more than one of these signs, it’s your cue to go for a complete overhaul. A well-crafted digital marketing strategy is a must to survive in this ultra competitive world. As you devise new strategies on the go, it is equally important to revisit these strategies from time to time to ensure they are still producing satisfactory outcomes. Digital marketing is a tricky thing to master and requires dedicated efforts. Auditing the strategies, brainstorming new ideas and refining campaigns could take up a substantial amount of time.
It is therefore recommended that businesses hire a full service agency so they have a foolproof digital marketing strategy. Having a team of experts always helps since they have vast experience dealing with numerous clients and tackling multiple challenges. Plus, you don’t have to burden yourself with the responsibility of managing a large in-house team.


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