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Our video marketing services

Corporate videos

Our corporate video production company specializes in corporate videos tailored to elicit the right response from your target audience. From training videos to demonstrations or investor presentation videos, we will elevate your brand with powerful audio-visual storytelling to showcase a fresh side to your business.

2D animation videos

Bring your brand to life and express your brand essence with our 2D animation video services. Our video marketing agency empowers businesses with attention-grabbing 2D animation videos that keep your target audience engaged for longer. Build excitement and convey your message effortlessly with well-crafted animated character videos.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are an invaluable asset for your business as it makes your target audience think quicker and act sooner. We will create explainer videos that get your message right across the audience and speeds up the decision-making process. Live-action or animated explainer videos - we will add a dash of creativity to take it to the next level.

Whiteboard animation

Our whiteboard animation videos produced with cutting-edge video maker tools will help deliver striking, memorable videos minus the fluff. Cut through the noise and drive your audience to take action with visually arresting whiteboard videos that illustrate information in a clear, lucid manner.

Motion graphics video

Add depth to your brand story with motion graphics video customized to suit your brand goals and grab the audience's attention. Our video marketing agency combines kinetic text animation with voiceover and authentic visuals to drive your narrative in the most compelling way.

Testimonial videos

We are a video advertising agency adept at creating persuasive testimonial videos that add an element of authenticity to your brand. We synergize a strong script, clear visuals, excellent production quality, and top-notch editing to make result-oriented videos to maximize emotional impact.

Product videos

Want to capture your product’s features in the most innovative and engaging way? Our video content marketing services include creating in-depth videos with a 360° view of your product to highlight all the tangible benefits with utmost clarity to build anticipation and boost consumer interest.

Digital ads

We are a video advertising agency that creates video ads tailored for a range of digital platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Draw attention and achieve unlimited growth with stunning video ad campaigns customized for different stages of your marketing cycle.

Why invest in Video Marketing?


Your audience loves videos

Videos make up 80% of all online user traffic. 78% of consumers watch videos every week and more than half of all consumers watch them daily. And 90% of consumers want to see more videos from brands. Video marketing helps you take your business to your audience through their favorite form of content.

Videos convey your USPs better

94% of businesses say that videos have helped increase user understanding of their products drastically. People remember 95% of what they watch compared to 10% of what they read. Videos engage the visual and auditory senses of the audience, capture attention and help them absorb and retain information better.



Drive hot leads & boost conversions

Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads every year. Videos have a 27% higher CTR and a 34% higher conversion rate. Videos that convey the right emotions and resonate with your audience will influence their buying decisions positively, amplify conversion rates and shorten prospects’ buying cycles.

Videos ramp up your revenue

Businesses that use video marketing grow their revenue by 49% every year compared to those that don’t. 83% of people say that a brand video convinced them to make a purchase. A user’s positive experience with a video improves sales probability by up to 97%. Partner with our video marketing agency to boost your top line and smash sales targets.



Increase dwell time on your site

Videos are a powerful tool to increase dwell time on your website. An average internet user spends 88% more time on a website that has video content. Compel your audience to connect with your brand, boost dwell time, and better engagement experience with our customized video content marketing services.

Increase social shares

Videos are the most shareable form of content on social media. In fact, videos generate 12X more shares than both text and image combined! Rack up more social shares, expand your reach, and generate top-of-mind awareness with engaging videos that will earn you more followers, hot leads, sales, and lifelong customers.


The Webtraffic difference.

We ensure your videos are on-brand

We are highly experienced marketing professionals who know how to inject your brand personality into every video you publish to reinforce your brand values and clearly differentiate from the competition.

We cater to businesses of all sizes

We don’t care whether you are a small business or a large enterprise. We assign equal importance to every project and tailor our video content marketing services to suit your business size, budget, and expectations.

We are the ultimate innovators

We will promote your brand with original and out-of-the-box video ideas that will help disrupt your industry. We explore different stylistic possibilities to add structure and creativity to an otherwise boring collection of facts.

We make videos that delight and convert!

We make videos that are not just beautiful; they motivate the audience to take positive action. Our video production and marketing team is geared towards achieving one single goal - more conversions!

We are video content marketing experts

From studying your business and competition, and devising a strategy to distributing your videos on the right platforms, you can rely on us to create and distribute high-impact videos that drive hot leads and sales.

We bring consistent success to your business

With our video marketing agency, success will not just be a flash in the pan. We do not compromise on quality and consistency and we’ll ensure repeated success with each video project that we undertake.

Our Video Marketing Process


Business, market & audience analysis


Goal setting % video mix selection


Video strategy and conceptualization


Professional video scriptwriting


Pre-production planning


On-site shooting


Editing and post production


Video Optimization


Video distribution and promotion

Our Clients


A video production agency is responsible for the initial conceptualization, scripting, shooting, and editing of video for businesses to use for marketing purposes. From coming up with initial ideas to managing sound design and handling all the post-production activities, a video production company will cover all stages of the video production process. Such an agency has experienced creative professionals who can craft result-driven videos for your intended audience and make the most of your budget. Hire our business video production services to ensure top-quality videos for your business.

Charges differ from one company to another. The cost of making a video depends on multiple factors. The length of the video, the specific needs of each client, the agency’s experience in the industry, and elements included in the video like people, products, settings, etc. all have an impact on the final cost. Discuss your requirements with our video content marketing experts to understand the expenses involved in video making in a precise manner.

Corporate videos are used to showcase specific aspects of your company to the target audience. A corporate video should include the following:

  • Strong message
  • Emotional appeal
  • Professionalism
  • Customer benefits
  • An effective call to action

We are a video advertising agency specializing in corporate video production services to help businesses amplify engagement, emotional impact, and credibility.

You can choose from several different types of corporate videos to serve different purposes. Here are a few important types of corporate videos that your business can utilize:

  • Company profile video
  • Promotional videos
  • Industrial videos
  • Social media videos
  • Branding videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • Recruitment videos
  • Internal communication videos
  • Conference videos
  • Social responsibility videos

Partner with our video marketing agency to avail professional corporate video production services and gain access to a team of creative and technical experts with rich experience in catering to the complex needs of every business.

Videos are a powerful tool for communication. It creates a visceral experience that helps convey maximum useful information in an abbreviated amount of time. The following statistics will help us understand the importance of video marketing:

  • 83% of businesses saw an increase in average time spent by visitors on their pages
  • 96% of the consumers prefer watching an explainer video to better understand a product/service
  • 84% of people are more likely to buy a product after watching a video
  • People are twice likely to share video content than any other content format
  • People consume an average of 2.5 hours of online video per day

Get in touch with our video advertising agency to yield impressive ROI with experts who can handle every nuance of your video production process and deliver a masterpiece.

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